What to Make for Dessert When Your Kitchen is in Boxes

Newsflash: I have a sweet tooth. That is probably not a shocking revelation to anyone who knows me even in passing. I love me some baked goods.

I try to contain my love for all things dessert to the weekends, when I’ll try a new cake, cookie, pie, or cobbler recipe. I always aspire to give away or throw away the leftovers by Monday, and occasionally I even do it.

Since we’re planning on moving this week (although, at the rate this move is going it might be the following week…), all of my bakeware is in boxes. So this weekend required an uncomplicated, special-equipment-free dessert, and when I saw a recipe for Silky Chocolate Pudding on the fabulous Smitten Kitchen blog I knew I found my mark. Rich, creamy, and delicious, the pudding hit the spot. And best of all (or worst of all?) there are no leftovers to agonize over.

Click here for the recipe.

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  1. Allison Graham says:

    You are good to leave dessert to the weekends. I always seem to talk myself into a little something. The pudding sounds delich. Do you have a vanilla version that you like as well? Oddly chocolate pudding makes me thirsty, as does ice cream.

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