Thanksgiving Countdown

I am so behind on Thanksgiving this year. In a perfect world I would have been contemplating our menu for the past month, clipping recipes, testing new dishes, and piecing together elements to make a final, fabulous meal. That, my friends, is my idea of fun.

Alas, this is not a perfect world.

Last year, I made it a goal to break from tradition and try all new dishes for Thanksgiving. This year, I’m going to mix and match. I really missed my mom’s cornbread-sausage stuffing (the essence of Thanksgiving for me), so it’s going back on the menu. I’ll probably stick with tried and true buttermilk mashed potatoes, but maybe mix up the green veg with the kale and brussels sprouts salad recipe I saw in Bon Appetit. Instead of sweet potatoes I’ll revisit a butternut squash casserole I loved.

Cranberry sauce… not sure yet.

Rolls… yes, there will be rolls. Which ones? Good question.

Pie? Eek. I don’t know. Pecan this year?

I have ordered a turkey, so at least there’s that. I am going to try dry-brining for the first time.

So I have my work cut out for me over the next week and a half! I just saw this make-ahead Thanksgiving planner from Melissa Clark in the NY Times. She shares a smart timetable for those of us who like to make as much ahead of time as possible. Now, if only I could decide on the menu….


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  1. Allison Graham says:

    I love all the dishes you are thinking about! I wish we had more than five people or I would branch out more. My mom is a traditionalist and if I break from tradition with the few we have there is trouble!

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