Fall for Brussels Sprouts

By now we all know that Brussels sprouts are delicious. (Right?) They are fantastic braised with pancetta or bacon, scrumptious blanched and tossed with pasta, and unexpectedly tasty shredded and served as a salad with walnuts and pecorino. I recently tried this to-die-for recipe for fried Brussels sprouts with a honey-sriracha sauce. It was a lot of work and a lot of mess, but completely amazing.

Basically, I could eat Brussels sprouts every day in the fall and winter, and my favorite fallback, everyday way to chow down on these nutty nuggets is to roast them. It’s simple and oh, so good. There are two tricks. First, make sure the sprouts are nicely browned; don’t take them out of the oven too soon. Second, make sure you salt them enough. As one of my friends said, they should taste like popcorn.

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Grain + Veg + Dressing + (Nuts + Herb + Cheese) = Healthy and Delicious

I am a serious fan of grain salads. What’s not to love? They’re healthy, flavorful, and even better when made ahead.

After preparing many of these salads for both my clients and myself I realized that a recipe isn’t necessary, so much as a formula. You can mix and match ingredients based on what you have on-hand, what’s in season, or what you’re craving. Concoct a Greek-ish grain salad, or a Latin-ish one, an Asian-ish one, or a whatever-is-in-your-fridge one. They are as flexible as they are delicious.

Here is my Super Salad Formula:

Grain + Veg + Dressing + (OPTIONAL: Nuts + Herb + Cheese)

Simple right? Start with your basic components and go from there.

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