5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Chef in NYC

One of the best things about living in New York–especially Manhattan–is that you can order in almost any food you want anytime you want. But the truth is, getting take-out for dinner night after night can get old, fast. Imagine, instead, coming home to a home-cooked, healthy meal, completely tailored to your dietary goals and food preferences. This is the best reason to consider hiring a personal chef in New York City.

Here’s how working with a personal chef can help you live happier and healthier in the Big Apple:

1. You know exactly what’s going into your food. If you want all organic ingredients or no gluten or only natural sweeteners, you got it. Rosaberry’s clients see the groceries we order every week and ingredient lists are available upon request.

2. You build a relationship with your chef. At Rosaberry, our personal chefs work with clients on a weekly basis, and it’s truly a close relationship. Clients share their dietary requirements, goals, and cravings, and the longer we work together the more we’re able to fine tune your menus so they’re exactly what you want to eat, week after week.

3. Your kids will learn what real food tastes like. Too much salty, sweet take-out can accustom kids’ palates to lots of sugar and sodium, making freshly cooked vegetables and other less-salty foods taste blah. But if they are exposed to crispy roasted broccoli with olive oil and Parmesan, say, or sauteed brussels sprouts with lemon, they’ll learn to love their veggies without an assist of General Tso’s sauce.

4. You’ll throw away less garbage. Think of all the boxes, containers, packets, and bags that come with each dinner delivery.

5. You’ll feel better. Period. Eating restaurant food day after day takes its toll on your body. Fresh, light, home-cooked food can be both satisfying and healthful.

Rosaberry’s chefs cook for our clients once a week, and menus are 100% personalized. Nothing makes us happier than helping you and your family come together over the dinner table at the end of a long day to share a fresh, healthy, and delicious meal. Living in New York isn’t always easy, but eating well can be.

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Photo by Lauren Volo.

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