A group of five of us meet with Jenna every couple of months. Jenna designs a menu and we all cook together. It’s a great way to spice up our recipe repertoires. Jenna offers tips on technique, ingredients and modifications. When we’re done we sit down to a fun meal with friends. Jenna is a pleasure to spend time with and we all look forward to our “cooking club”.
– Lauren Slayton, MS RD, Foodtrainers

Having Jenna as our personal chef has been amazing! I love being able to spend time with my family without having to worry about dinner. Not only is her food healthy and delicious but she is pleasure to have in our home.  Our very opinionated 2 1/2 year old has been inspired to become a chef when she grows up and our baby is drooling with anticipation.
– Emily, Tribeca

Between work and the gym, I rarely had the time or energy to make myself a healthy meal. I ate the easiest, quickest thing in my kitchen. Then I was introduced to Jenna and Rosaberry.  Now, I come home at night to a refrigerator full of well-balanced meals.  Plus, I can bring tasty food to work for lunch.  Thanks to Jenna I was able to change my diet without being on a diet.
– Samantha, Upper East Side

Jenna’s creations are always healthy and nutritious. But most importantly, they’re delicious. Her cheerful, easy presence is a joy to have in my kitchen. Toss those take-out menus and don’t look back.
– Anne, West Village

I did not even know how to chop an onion before Jenna, and the last meal I made by myself after one of Jenna’s lessons (spaghetti & meatballs) was not only delicious but my mother-in-law watched me make it and thought I chopped like a pro! Jenna is a lovely teacher, and it is now a pleasure to be able to make simple, healthy and delicious food for my family.
– Sheri, Upper East Side

As the mother to a family of three growing children, I found that food preparation and menu planning was taking up so much of my free time that I began to dread the entire task.  Enter Jenna of Rosaberry who has helped make things so much easier for us. Not only have my children been willing to try new things (slowly but surely!) but it has been great for my husband and me as well.
– Betsy, Upper East Side

Jenna has a wealth of information and brings such passion to her work. All the recipes are tasty, nutritious, and easy-to-make. Both my three year-old and seven month-old are pleased with the results and I have a newfound motivation to prepare homemade food for my little ones.
– Samantha, Tribeca

It’s still some of the best money my husband and I have spent!  We easily keep up everything Jenna taught us from grocery shopping, knife techniques, seasoning, and all those terrific recipes! Lucky us and lucky anyone else that is treated with her knowledge of delicious, healthy, memorable food.
– Leslie, Upper West Side